Oralie Vitaa (Author of Shadows of Destiny)
"Falguni is so understanding, so patient, so hardworking. When you work with her, she not just becomes your editor, she becomes your friend. She becomes someone you can trust and rely on. She will always have your best interest at heart. I loved working with her!"

Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta (Author of Mind Your Money)
"Falguni's professional expertise and meticulous attention to detail have been instrumental in transforming my manuscript into a polished and compelling piece of work." Read more...

Throughout the editing process, her insightful feedback, constructive criticism, and expert guidance have ensured that my ideas were effectively communicated, enhancing the overall readability of the book. Her editorial skills helped to refine the structure and eliminate any inconsistencies or redundancies in the manuscript. Moreover, her promptness in delivering the edited chapters and her professionalism in handling all aspects of the editing process made it a truly seamless and enjoyable collaboration. I wholeheartedly recommend Falguni to any author seeking to enhance the quality of their work. Her dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence are truly commendable, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Sugandha Sinha

Sugandha Sinha (Author of Your Life is Poop: But so is Mine)
"Working with Falguni was an extremely delightful experience. She was always willing to listen to my concerns and address them. She was approachable and has really good knowledge." Read more...

After completing the editing of my book, I can say for sure that under her guidance I could make my manuscript much better. I would definitely recommend anyone seeking an editor for proofreading, copy editing or developmental editing and whenever I write my next book, I am going to come back to her for sure!

Lorenzo DeStefano

Lorenzo DeStefano (Author of House Boy)
"She has helped immeasurably to authenticate my book and to focus its outrage over one of the most pressing issues of our time - human trafficking." Read more...

As a western author it has always been my intention to have my novel, “HOUSE BOY”, vetted by a qualified advisor/content editor from inside the South Asian culture in which the story takes place. I believe that writers of the world should be able to explore anything that moves them, which means anything under the sun. But writing about cultures other than our own requires a personal admission of our “outsiderness” and a respect for historical and sociological realities we can only attempt to understand. So, I’m all the more pleased with the insightful and attentive work done by Falguni Jain in helping me avoid any cultural or religious missteps in my quest to share the harrowing modern slavery story of young Vijay Pallan.

Shweta Hitesh Joshi

Shweta Hitesh Joshi (Representative of Ashok Subramanian – Author of The Bachelor's Wife and Other Stories from Ramayana)
"I would recommend Falguni's services for her promptness."

Apart from the skills that she has as an editor, she is proactive, keen to learn, and has an eye for detail that reflects positively on her work.

Karan Kareer (Representative of Punshil Kumar – Author of Yogeshwari: The Journey of a Soul)
"Falguni has been instrumental in helping my grandfather finish his book about my grandmother. Her editing and proofreading skills are top-notch. Her keen eye for detail ensured that no grammatical or punctuation errors slipped through, which significantly improved the overall quality of the text." Read more...

What sets Falguni apart is her ability to provide constructive feedback. She didn't just make changes, but also explained her revisions, helping us understand how to improve our writing. Her recommendations on best practices were invaluable, showing her extensive knowledge and experience in the field of writing. She consistently met deadlines and was always available for discussions, making the entire process smooth and enjoyable. Moreover, Falguni showed an incredible level of respect and sensitivity towards the personal nature of the book. She was able to maintain the voice and tone of my grandfather's narrative, preserving the essence of my grandmother's story while elevating its literary quality. Her professionalism, dedication, and passion for her work were evident throughout the project. I wholeheartedly recommend Falguni to anyone in need of a skilled and dedicated editor. Her contributions have been invaluable, and we are deeply grateful for her assistance in bringing this important family story to life.

Irshad Ali

Irshad Ali (Author of While It Was Always Beautiful)
"It was a great experience working with Falguni Jain. She has good knowledge and sharp eyes to find errors. Her valuable guidance helped me to rewrite boring paragraphs and scenes." Read more...

She was always ready to listen to my concerns and was ready to do multiple edits, nevertheless, she delivered it on time. She has an excellent command of the English language. I want to thank her for her praiseworthy efforts to improve my book. She has expertise in copy editing, proofreading, and developmental editing. I am looking forward to working with her further in the future.

Kanika Verma (Author of Five Golden Stories | Joy of Traditional Tales)
"Having a sharp eye to pick errors and renovate sentences to provide thoughtful writing options throughout, Falguni is a blessing for all writers and authors. Her suggestions are like treasure that authors must not miss before finalizing their scripts or writeups."

Highly recommend her services. Thank you for being there, Falguni. Glad that I found you!

Harit Ratna

Harit Ratna (Author of FAQs on Conscious Growth)
"Falguni has been a delight to work with. She is highly knowledgeable about the intricacies of editing and she is extremely dedicated to her job. She is a fast learner and she was able to pick up abstract philosophical concepts very quickly." Read more...

Her attention to detail is a key trait that helped in producing this book to desired quality standards. Most significantly, she respects the author’s voice and focuses on maintaining the purity of the vision.

Dr Surabhi Sharma

Dr Surabhi Sharma (Author of The Age of Blues)
"I appreciate Falguni's honesty and punctuality and would recommend others to take up her services."

Nipa Shah

Nipa Shah (Author of What Every Soul Wants)
"Professional, courteous, responsive, and very easy to work with."

Mannat Gupta

Mannat Gupta (Author of Beyond Earth and Sky)
"I feel very delighted to work with Falguni. She is a very keen person with an eye for detail. She completed everything on time, helped me select and write much better words." Read more...

For my future projects, I'll not hesitate to reach out to her. I wish her all the best and success in the coming years!

Roohi Noorain (Author of Falling for You)
"It has been a great experience. I am so delighted with Falguni's work. I appreciate her patience and soft response to my every query. I am very amazed and happy with her fast submission of work." Read more...

Looking forward to working further in the future if I intend to publish other books. Thank you for your support in this journey of one of my dreams.

Megha Bhauka

Megha Bhauka (Author of The Mystery Within Us)
"My journey of editing my book with Falguni was amazing. She has good vision and prepares a step-by-step plan with predetermined milestones while working. She took time with my work and didn't rush things and was still able to deliver the work on time."

I hope we will have more opportunities to work together in near future.

Ashwini Malhotra

Ashwini Malhotra (Author of Kala Ghoda Series)
"I have found Falguni very professional and committed to her work. I was impressed with her speed and good grasp to complex subject as “Kala Ghoda: The Game of Power”. She not only understood the characters and plot quickly but suggested few improvements and changes to improve the narration." Read more...

I will surely recommend her to any of my fellow authors and would look forward to collaborating with her in future too.

Deanna Washington

Deanna Washington (Author of Disneyland Wisdom)
"Falguni was a delight to work with. I appreciated her command of the English language, her timeliness was incredible, and when I asked for her thoughts and opinions, her input was innovative and relevant."

Amar (Author of Modern Ved)
"My heartfelt appreciation goes to the editor-cum-proof-reader of 'Modern Ved', Falguni Jain. If you find this book a piece of fine literature, credit goes to her. I appreciate her calmness throughout this manuscript."


Priyankkaa (Author of The Pursuit of Finding Myself)
"She has been patient and quick with the implementation of feedback suggested. Fast deliverables, and there were no follow-ups required during the work."

Harshwardhan Patil

Harshwardhan Patil (Author of The Beautiful Sky)
"Falguni is perfect in her work, and her every fifty-page review through the mail was very awesome. The best part is the reviews are very honest, and that's what real professionalism is." Read more...

'The Beautiful Sky' as a novel means a lot to me, just like every other author. Each one thinks that it is a special and unique one, but while going through the continuous and long routine, you skip out the minor details or the mistakes, and for that it's very important to have a professional reviewer. I came across such a very talented person, Falguni Jain (@Bookworm_falguni). I will recommend the same to the other authors/screenwriters in my friend's circle. Thanks for such a wonderful collaboration. Excited to work on the next project soon.

Suka Anne

Suka Anne (Author of Brushwork)
"I am so happy with Falguni’s services! Not only is she a wonderful, kind, respectful person but she is professional, prompt, and constructive with her feedback. I will definitely be keeping her in mind for all of my future projects!"

Nidhi Kukreja

Nidhi Kukreja (Author of The Anonymous)
"Falguni is a wonderful person. She is a great supporter. She does her work precisely. She helped me spot the errors when I couldn't see them because of continuously editing the same again and again." Read more...

A writer can't find mistakes on his own, that's why they need editor so they can polish the work by eliminating errors. Falguni helped me. She told me to make corrections which were left unseen. She did her work honestly. And I am proud of it. I recommend her to my friends and even on the platform where she can get recognition for her honest work. I am glad we are connected ❣️

Karin Dahan (Author of Survive For Me)
"Falguni was one of the beta readers for my book and she was very professional at all times. She was great at finding details in the book that needed some more of my attention and always very helpful with questions I had." Read more...

It was very easy to collaborate with Falguni because she always responded to emails and messages in a timely manner, she also read the book quickly and had comments along the way. I would recommend using her if you are in need for a beta reader.

Jesse Morgan aka BlackMetalRebellion

Jesse Morgan aka BlackMetalRebellion (Author of Emerald Spade)
"I recently had Falguni Jain beta read for my book, and found her to be very friendly, respectful and finished my book in a timely manner. Her assessment was fair, refreshing and detailed." Read more...

The aspects she pointed out and addressed were unique to her own experience and comprehension. I certainly feel I gained some perspective and help towards my final product by employing her services. I would recommend Falguni for anyone needing a Beta Reader and an excellent source of outside perspective and feedback.

Debjeet Mukherjee

Debjeet Mukherjee (Author of Voyages Volume I)
"Proofreading seems so effortless with Falguni Jain! Praiseworthy editing skills coupled with timely delivery builds trust for the work she does best!"

P. J. Berman

P. J. Berman (Author of Silrith Series)
"Falguni’s developmental editing work is fantastic. She is very talented, and is always enthusiastic to discuss ideas."

Arun Maira (Author of Shaping the Future)
"Falguni has done a good job. I would like to thank her for her good work."

Amanda McKeithan (Upwork Client)
"Falguni did some editing for me and helped me complete a client project. She was informative and precise. I will definitely use her services again."

Twana Broadway (Upwork Client)
"She was accurate in her work and very thorough."