Beyond Earth and Sky by Mannat Gupta

Beyond Earth and Sky by Mannat Gupta
Beyond Earth and Sky by Mannat Gupta


Beyond Earth and Sky is a poetry collection that talks about romance, love and the unending potential of the mind that perhaps never sees the dawn of light.

With an attempt to galvanize hearts to feel something exquisite and indescribable like love, Beyond Earth and Sky might take you on a delightful journey and make you bow to nature, the sky, and earth.

For those who wish to experience the divine within, have a hope of hope, find inner strength, and savor the ultimate expression of the heart, this book is written for you.

My Review:

Beyond Earth and Sky is a collection of poetries where each poetry is an attempt to reintroduce the reader to one of the millions of their emotions and feelings. With a very simple yet touching writing style, the writer is able to bring in front what a lot of us think about but don’t have the words to express.

A casual and laid-back approach has been followed in writing the poetries, which is why it also touches the reader’s soul in a simplistic manner. And yet it doesn’t fail to address the emotional complexity of the human mind.

Beyond Earth and Sky is a dreamy journal of thoughts written by a magical pen. The poems will allow you to appreciate everything around you and within you.

Definitely recommended if you enjoy lucid poetries.

Happy Reading!!