Joshua’s 7 Gifts by Trishala Ahalpara

Joshua’s 7 Gifts by Trishala Ahalpara
Joshua’s 7 Gifts by Trishala Ahalpara


Hi, my name is Alicia Grey and I have a story to tell. It all started the last Summer when I decided to visit my grandpa in the small town of Brakonhall. There I met a guy named Joshua Summerfied. For me, he was the average guy from the village nothing so interesting about him. But this guy had a secret and a task in hand. For me the task was simple, to gift his anonymous friend Joanna Willow something which he never had. But what was that?

My Review:


The story is based on the theme of colors. It speaks of the importance of colors. We normally take such things (as the ability to see) for granted. This story makes us sympathize with those who can’t see clearly.

The story started like a “Dora The Explorer” expedition to find something. Here it was 7 gifts of the 7 colors of a rainbow. I would have loved it more had it shown the description of Joshua’s understanding of colors in a better and a little more detailed way.

The focus was immediately shifted from colorful gifts to Joshua which decreased the value of gifts in the story.

Also, the grammar was bad at some place making it a fluency breaker in the reading process.

The story though predictable was a nice read. I would recommend the book if you are looking for a short and fresh read.

Happy Reading!!