Kaleidoscope of Love by Priyanka Bhuyan

Kaleidoscope of Love by Priyanka Bhuyan
Kaleidoscope of Love by Priyanka Bhuyan


Love, the strongest human emotion to ever exist. But what is love and why are its colour so myriad? Love can range from the purest form of mother’s love to the tragic feeling of unrequited love. And also to the silent love which continues even after it is gone. Love is basically like a kalaidescope and it changes colour in all human relations with time.

My Review:

Kaleidoscope Of Love is a collection of 10 short stories from fairy tale love to heartbreaks.

Some stories are very sweet and makes you feel awestruck. I personally loved “O My Love It Was You!“. A guy who likes this girl, is doing whatever he can to woo her, directly or indirectly. It is cute and no doubt quite filmy.

While on the other hand there is a story “Mirage and Reality“. The guy is desperate to feel loved. He rejects a girl (because (a) he has never met her before and his parents have fixed their marriage (b) she is too simple to be able to adjust in UK), then is rejected by his girlfriend (because she is not looking for marriage and is focusing on her career) and then rushes back to first girl to apologise and marry her (because he has to get married, no matter to whom).

On an overall level the stories are good, but had a scope for betterment. The stories are too short to connect at an emotional level. You don’t relate to the characters or their lives.

Happy Reading!!