A Rural Coincidence

A Rural Coincidence
A Rural Coincidence


Are village folks really that simple? What happens when rural people start gambling on drugs? Can a small girl from a village break the existing social stigma and become ‘modern’? Are love stories restricted to urban areas? Do genetics play a role in shaping decisions related to mischief? To what length can a father go to get his daughter the more important things in life? Can fulfillment come without education? Read this riveting short story of twists and turns in a village depicting the life of a farmer, his family and the village postman.

My Review:

A Rural Coincidence is an exciting journey of a farmer, his family, and the village postman.

When I started reading it, I had no clue what to expect from the story. But what came was a surprising story about the intricacies of the minds of the village people.

It was a fun short read. Though it had some grammatical errors but that does not deter the reader from enjoying the story.

I would recommend buying a Kindle edition of the book as I feel it would give more worth to the money spent than a physical book.

Happy Reading!!