Peach by Wayne Barton

Peach by Wayne Barton
Peach by Wayne Barton


.Following the untimely passing of a close friend, British songwriter and producer, Freddie Ward, arrives in Bliss, Idaho to work on a comeback album with beloved singer-songwriter, Hal Granger. Adrift and bereft, Freddie is looking to gain a sense of perspective after a series of bad decisions—decisions that cost him his relationship and life as he knows it.

However, almost as soon as Freddie arrives in Idaho, Hal drops an unexpected and devastating bombshell. Far from the hustle and bustle of his life in England, out in the stark isolation of the northwestern U.S., with time to think, to reflect, Freddie slowly begins to rebuild his life, haunted both by the events of the recent past and his reactions to them.

My Review:

Peach is a very beautifully written novel and an instant classic. It allows the reader to think about their lives as the author takes us on the journey of Freddie’s life.

Very simplistically and realistically executed, Peach, talks about the struggles in the life of an artist or any other normal person. Inability to focus, blaming others and finding excuses while procrastinating the work. Not just the work related struggles, but struggles in maintaining relationships, romantic or otherwise.

The entire novel feels like an experience. As if you are talking to your grandparents. You try to understand what they are speaking because it contains a lot more meaning than its words.

This novel hits the right chord of readers’ hearts in such a way that you won’t even realise. It is a story which will stay with you for years to come.

Recommended if you are looking for a slow, and simple story, trying to deal with the high-lows of life.

Happy Reading!!