Dreaming of Tomorrow by V. R. Baucke

Dreaming of Tomorrow by V. R. Baucke
Dreaming of Tomorrow by V. R. Baucke


There are moments in my life I wish I could alter, take back… re-do. One do-over changed my world more than I could imagine. Emily. Six weeks ago she crashed into my life without warning, alleviated my burdens, then wrenched out my heart.

Austin McKenna battled for years to live up to impossible expectations. Emily Dixon showed him what it was like to love and be loved unconditionally, accepting and understanding him in his entirety. Never had Austin experienced a longing or loss that compared to losing her. She was the first woman he willingly bore his soul to, and now he was determined to claim her back once and for all… No matter the cost.

My Review:

Unlike the first installment of the duet - Living for Today, which was written with the point of view of Emily, Dreaming of Tomorrow is written with the point of view of Austin.

This time Austin travels all the way from San Francisco to New Zealand just to see his love after long months of separation.

The author is able to maintain same level of interest in this book as in the first one. The characters have developed in a great way over the course of time. 2 philophobic people falling in love with each other, the constant fear of their respective exes, worries of their parents are all very beautifully shown.

The ending seemed rushed up. Looks like the author did not spend much time on the closure of the past of both Emily and Austin. I was expecting more by the time I finished the book. I personally loved 1st book better.

But if you are looking for just a cute romance then I would recommend this book.

Happy Reading!!