You Begin Where I End by Sarang Jairaj

You Begin Where I End by Sarang Jairaj
You Begin Where I End by Sarang Jairaj


Is it possible to love two people at the same time?

Nafisa is dealing with beers, periods, heartbreak, and dating apps, when she meets her new uniquely average boyfriend. But is he the love of her life? Before Nafisa can figure that out, her life is turned upside down. Her mother Tamanna dies in an accident. In trying to come to terms with her loss, she finds solace in the company of a charming painter. Her life takes a retro turn, with diaries, handwritten letters, and music trying to heal her.

Tamanna is busy simply existing and complaining, when a gorgeous poet takes her on a whirlwind philosophical journey, teaching her to appreciate art, nature, human existence, and love. But is he the love of her life? Before Tamanna can figure that out, her marriage is arranged with an extraordinarily ordinary guy. Amidst arranged marriages, honour killings, letters of blood, and melting ice-golas, Tamanna shall discover her brand of love.

You Begin Where I End spins two unconventional love stories, set two decades apart – 1991 and 2015 – trying to find an answer to the eternal dilemma of darlings – What is love?

My Review:

I loved how the author is able to weave the story of two different worlds in such a beautiful way. Each words seeps into your heart and grows to become a tree of thoughts, branching into different possibilities.

Simple joys of an average girl are gloriously shown like sitting on the window side of a bus, star gazing and silent walks with your love.

The simplicity of the book was what kept me hooked.

A lot of references of things without using their names for example - ‘an app that sounds like hinder’ was a bit pesky. It is pretty obvious what it is being referred to, and naming it directly wouldn’t have hurt.

I loved the different definitions of love as provided by author. Everyone has different meanings, different understanding about love. And no one is wrong, which is cleverly shown in the story.

I don’t mind saying it is a uniquely average book and I would definitely recommend it for a light read. Such book, much love

P.S. Don’t judge the book by its cover. The girl in the cover is not at all the fat girl who describes herself as panda in the book.

Happy Reading!!