Common Yet Uncommon: 14 Memorable Stories from Daily Life by Sudha Murty

Common Yet Uncommon: 14 Memorable Stories from Daily Life by Sudha Murty
Common Yet Uncommon: 14 Memorable Stories from Daily Life by Sudha Murty


Meet these people: Bundle Bindu, so named because he likes his truth with a little embellishment, Jayant the shopkeeper who doesn’t make any profit, and Lunchbox Nalini, Sudha Murty herself, who brings her empty lunchbox-to be filled with food-wherever she goes!

Written in Sudha Murty’s inimitable style, Common Yet Uncommon is a heartwarming picture of everyday life and the foibles and quirks of ordinary people. In the fourteen tales that make up the collection, Sudha Murty delves into memories of childhood, life in her hometown and the people she’s crossed paths with. These and the other characters who populate the pages of this book do not possess wealth or fame. They are unpolished and outspoken, transparent and magnanimous.

Their stories are tales of unvarnished humans, with faults and big hearts.

Testament to the unique parlance of a small town, Common Yet Uncommon speaks a universal language of what it means to be human.

My Review:

Sudha Murty’s “Common Yet Uncommon: 14 Memorable Stories from Daily Life” offers a delightful journey into the ordinary yet extraordinary lives of individuals, narrated with heartwarming simplicity.

One of the standout features of this collection is the author’s ability to infuse profound meaning into seemingly commonplace narratives. Through relatable characters, she unveils the idiosyncrasies and virtues of ordinary people, highlighting the richness of human experience often overlooked in our fast-paced world. She adds a personal touch to the stories that makes these tales feel like shared memories rather than mere fiction.

What I loved the most about this book is how each story has a main character yet all the other characters appear in some capacity in every story. Making it a single story of multiple characters. Just as Sudha Murty says, “Normally, people have to show family trees to show their members from different generations, but in our house, it was more of a family forest.” Such was not just her family, but her village community. This structure adds depth to the storytelling, emphasizing the communal spirit that underpins life in a small town. Murty’s keen observations and deep empathy shine through, offering readers a window into the universal truths of human nature.

The prose is characterized by Murty’s signature simplicity and accessibility. Her narrative voice, presented in a friendly first-person perspective, invites readers of all ages to connect with the characters and their experiences. This straightforward style enhances the stories’ emotional impact, allowing poignant moments to resonate effortlessly.

As readers navigate through the ups and downs of these everyday lives, they encounter a spectrum of emotions—from humor and joy to sadness and fear. Murty deftly captures the nuances of human behavior, celebrating both the flaws and virtues of her characters. Each story is a testament to the enduring power of human connection and the richness found in life’s ordinary moments.

“Common Yet Uncommon” transcends cultural boundaries, speaking a universal language of humanity. This collection serves as a gentle reminder that greatness often resides in the simplest of gestures and the quiet strength of ordinary people. This book is recommended for readers of all ages and backgrounds.

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