Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice by Shiv B Singh

Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice by Shiv B Singh
Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice by Shiv B Singh


An insightful and important account of what it takes to succeed in the world of banking.

Shiv B. Singh, a career banker, built his professional life on timeless principles: ethical behaviour, participative leadership, objective and transparent management, customer centricity and risk- and reward-based business approach with a focus on continuity and change. “Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice” is the story of his phenomenal rise as a banker—from being a junior-level officer at a public sector bank to becoming its Chief General Manager. Recently, he has transitioned to the position of Executive Director at a public sector bank. This book encapsulates his transformative journey, illustrating how he managed the metamorphosis by proactively riding the wave of change and turning around the bank in a short span of time.

This book offers enduring lessons for aspiring business leaders aiming to leave a lasting impact in their fields.

My Review:

“Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice” shares the transformative journey of Shiv B Singh, offering insights into the principles that lead to success in the banking world. Singh’s narrative revolves around timeless values, showcasing how these principles shaped his rise from a junior officer to a Chief General Manager.

The central message of “Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice” is the importance of embracing change and adhering to fundamental principles in the pursuit of professional success. The author’s journey presents how adapting to evolving circumstances, along with a steadfast commitment to ethical conduct, can lead to significant achievements in the banking sector.

The author adopts a factual approach to narrating his autobiography, focusing more on conveying the journey, rather than compelling storytelling. The book comprises lengthy paragraphs laden with facts, making it read more like a thesis or an official document. While there are some interesting anecdotes peppered throughout, the predominant style lacks the emotional depth that could have made the journey more relatable and engaging for readers.

While “Banker by Chance, Leader by Choice” offers valuable insights into the workings of the banking industry and the principles that drive success within it, its presentation did not resonate with me. As someone seeking a more emotionally engaging narrative or deeper introspection into the author’s personal development, I found the book lacking in that regard. However, for individuals interested in gaining practical knowledge about navigating the complexities of the banking world, particularly from a managerial perspective, this book holds merit.

It serves as a comprehensive account of the author’s experiences and the lessons learned along the way, albeit in a manner that may require readers to wade through dense paragraphs of information. Ultimately, whether I would recommend this book to others depends on their specific interest in the subject matter and their inclination towards a more academic writing style devoid of storytelling.

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