Just Go After by Mirajj Thaker

Just Go After by Mirajj Thaker
Just Go After by Mirajj Thaker


Are you on a “QUEST”?

Are you going through Challenges, Setbacks, Obstacles, or Failures? Embarking on a quest, whether it’s a personal journey or a grand adventure, can present various challenges and obstacles. These challenges often serve as tests of character and determination for the individual on the quest. Remember each quest is unique, and the problems individuals face will vary depending on the quest’s specific circumstances and objectives.

This book is an epic tale of courage, self-discovery, and the unyielding spirit of an ordinary boy who had experienced the power of three magical words and made things happen as desired. It unfolds various college chronicles over a period of 6 years which conveys the fact that with a concise and diligent plan when executed with determination, one can ensure to ends up exactly where one wants to be.

This is an unfettered story of the author Mirajj Thaker which is written & and shared by the author himself with the aim of inspiring all ordinary individuals who seek to rise above the ordinary and have a successful QUEST.

Author’s Message:

If I can do it, you can do it too, So, what are you waiting for? JUST GO AFTER….

My Review:

“Just Go After” by Mirajj Thakker is an interesting exploration of the author’s personal and academic growth, with insightful lessons. The author’s ability to convey valuable lessons on every page transforms the book into an ongoing source of wisdom.

Tech enthusiasts will find an added layer of intrigue as the author intricately weaves his narrative with each pursued project, providing readers with a unique perspective and firsthand experiences. Being from a commerce background, I felt a little disconnected from the topics of the projects, but nonetheless, the thrill of learning about the author’s struggle through each competition kept me hooked.

The book delves into the challenges of college life, depicting the perpetual struggle of balancing high exam scores with active participation in extracurricular activities, events, competitions, and internships — a relatable journey for many.

A poignant moment on page 118 serves as a reminder of the equality within the college community, emphasizing that everyone possesses similar resources and intellect. Thakker skillfully demonstrates that, ultimately, the combination of CGPA and active involvement in events shapes better opportunities.

The book masterfully captures the authentic struggles of students, highlighting the significance of networking and gaining new experiences during the student journey. It emphasizes that such efforts not only set individuals apart but also instill the confidence necessary to confront challenging situations.

I myself have been an introverted student throughout my schooling. Despite introversion, I actively participated in diverse competitions and events, even in areas of limited knowledge. It became a deliberate choice throughout my bachelor’s degree. This ensured that I had fun as I met new people and got opportunities to learn.

“Just Go After” is a thought-provoking and enriching read that I would recommend to high-school and college students, who are interested in getting a realistic view of college life, which is far away from what we know by watching and reading fiction.

Happy Reading!!