Tales of Sales by Priyaranjan Kumar

Tales of Sales by Priyaranjan Kumar
Tales of Sales by Priyaranjan Kumar


Tales of Sales is a narration of real incidents and events which happened in the life of the author. It lives up to its mantra of Fun, Factual and Fundamental providing easy and breezy reading while extolling the virtues of good salesmen and saleswomen. Sales is a skill that every human is born with right from a new born baby to octogenarian. The author tries to engage the reader with stories of sales in the market scenario which happen around us along with providing a North Star of soft skills required to succeed for graduating students and early stage professionals. Stories are a powerful mode of effective communication to a wider audience because they leave an everlasting impact on the mind. The readers will find the stories relatable and executable forcing them to think about building compatibility with fifteen attributes required to become performers. The stories will evoke emotion, recognition and association with simultaneously showing pragmatism. The author has tried to marry concept and common sense making it easy to comprehend. The book also provides a sneak peek into how stuff works in the corporate world by proving unadulterated version of the reality.

My Review:

In “Tales of Sales” by Priyaranjan Kumar, the overarching theme revolves around the author’s personal experiences, skillfully preaching to others the virtues of effective salesmanship. Through 15 real-life narratives, each highlighting a specific quality, the book successfully imparts valuable life lessons applicable not only to sales professionals but to anyone aspiring to enhance their professional acumen.

The characters are not fictional entities but rather reflections of the author’s journey through life. Each story highlights the author’s experience with his colleagues, seniors, clients, partners, etc., imparting wisdom, making the book a personal and relatable exploration of the nuances of successful sales strategies.

Kumar’s writing style is characterized by a candid and straightforward approach. However, it is worth noting that the book could benefit from a more meticulous editing process. The presence of numerous errors, detracts from the overall reading experience. Despite this, the author’s ability to provide clear explanations of technical jargon adds a layer of accessibility to the content, making it suitable for a broader audience.

The book serves as a valuable resource for those seeking insights into the art of salesmanship through the lens of the author’s diverse and enriching life experiences.

I recommend it for those who appreciate learning through real-life experiences, “Tales of Sales” offers a unique perspective on the intricacies of the corporate world. The blend of personal anecdotes and practical advice creates a narrative that is both engaging and instructive.

Happy Reading!!