The Puppeteer by Ajit and Anil

The Puppeteer by Ajit and Anil
The Puppeteer by Ajit and Anil



The Sandesar brothers seek asylum in Albania after robbing Indian banks of US$ 700 million, setting off a dangerous chain of events.

In Albania, President Tefik Metta, colludes with Xi Wang, Chairman of the People’s Republic of China, to win the next elections and stay in power.

Chairman Xi Wang has his own secret plan in motion—pushing his One Path, One Road agenda, which will soon trap half the world in China’s debt.

In this fraught geopolitical climate, the US feels increasingly threatened and President Hussain Akhmu considers sacrificing India’s friendship to safeguard his country’s interests, even as rumours fly thick and fast about the People’s Liberation Army of China’s plan to sabotage India’s nuclear programme.

With the nation under threat from inside and outside, everyone in India looks to one man—Prime Minister Damodar Das, aka The Panther—and his elite covert counter-terrorism group, The Panther’s Ghosts. Will India’s new defensive offence doctrine mitigate the nation’s threats? Will the Ghosts survive this mission? Most importantly, is it time for the Puppeteer to enter the arena?

Inspired by real-life covert operations that follow India’s new doctrine of defensive offence, The Puppeteer pays homage to the unsung heroes who live and die to keep our nation safe from terror.

My Review:

In “The Puppeteer” by Ajit & Anil, the plot unfolds in a fast-paced narrative that revolves around multiple sub-plots. The story intricately weaves together reel and real-life incidents, offering a glimpse into the world of Indian covert operatives.

Even though the names are slightly changed, it is easy to identify some of the characters used in the story. I cross-checked a few facts, and it’s interesting to know how well the authors have used the available information and crafted this piece of fiction.

The characters in “The Puppeteer” are a compelling mix of heroes and villains, each with well-carved roles. Prime Minister Damodar Das, aka The Panther, stands out as a refreshing portrayal of a leader genuinely concerned about both his nation and its people. He breaks the stereotype of selfish political leaders, adding depth to the narrative.

One of my favorite character arcs was of Raj with his one-man-army attitude as he gradually learns to become more of a team member. Lala, Sniper, Dhariwal, etc., are a few other characters that stood out. While Geeta’s role could have been more pronounced, the unexpected introduction of Adia added a strong and empowering dimension to the narrative.

The writing style is influenced by Anil’s background in screenplay, which is evident in the heavy reliance on dialogue. This approach contributes to the novel’s fast-paced nature, offering readers a thrilling experience.

The cover and title of “The Puppeteer” aptly capture the essence of the novel. The title intrigues with its hint at covert operations and manipulation, while the cover complements the geopolitical and action themes. The visual elements effectively convey the tension and secrecy embedded in the narrative.

Recommended for fans of action-packed patriotic dramas and espionage thrillers, “The Puppeteer” offers a gripping tale inspired by real-life covert operations and is a homage to unsung heroes dedicated to safeguarding their nation.

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