Gulgul, Ginni, Peepal, Papad and More by Ollie Grover

Gulgul, Ginni, Peepal, Papad and More by Ollie Grover
Gulgul, Ginni, Peepal, Papad and More by Ollie Grover


How did the turtle’s shell become ugly and why is watermelon full of seeds?

Agni is desperate for the lost city of Mankilattu and Little Dhruv is trying to find the Elephant’s weight.

Princess Prajakta is being punished for gifting salt and Gulgul is accused of stealing sweets.

Nindia finds out why her ginni necklace is so precious.

All these and many more!

Get ready to be captivated, enlightened, and entertained in Ollie Grover’s world.

My Review:

Ollie Grover’s “Gulgul, Ginni, Peepal, Papad and More” is an enchanting compilation that effortlessly weaves together 25 captivating short stories, inviting readers into a world brimming with charm and moral depth. Spanning 4 to 15 pages in length, these narratives offer relatable and culturally immersive experiences that effortlessly transport readers to the heart of India’s diverse landscapes, rich heritage, and mouth-watering delicacies.

Grover’s writing style is engaging, offering a refreshing take on tales ranging from extraordinary moments in ordinary lives to the enchanting realms of kings and kingdoms. Each story is skillfully categorized, fitting seamlessly into sections such as “Extraordinary Tales of Ordinary Humans,” “Tales of Kings and Kingdoms,” “Tales of Human Cleverness,” and “Animal Fables.”

Grover’s writing style is a delightful blend of simplicity and depth. With an engaging narrative voice, each tale unfolds seamlessly, capturing the essence of moral values while maintaining a light, enjoyable tone. The transition within stories is smooth, enhancing the reading experience. Grover’s adept use of vocabulary adds richness to the narratives, ensuring both entertainment and enlightenment.

The cover and title perfectly encapsulate the whimsy and intrigue within. The vibrant cover art alludes to the diverse adventures awaiting within the pages. The title, while playful, hints at the eclectic mix of stories, enticing readers to dive into this literary treasure trove.

What makes “Gulgul, Ginni, Peepal, Papad and More” a recommended read is its ability to tackle significant topics and historical facts with a light touch. Grover masterfully integrates important themes into each story, fostering thought and reflection without overwhelming the reader. While stories like “Wooden Box” and “Masala Papad” infuse humor, stories like “Respect” and “A Pinch of Salt” deliver profound messages. Within the tapestry of these stories, diverse characters come to life, each with their unique trials and lessons.

Although there’s a slight imbalance in the male-to-female main character ratio and 2-3 stories might feel familiar, the collection remains fresh and an ideal bedtime read. However, it’s worth noting that some stories contain themes of death and murder, which might require adult guidance for a really young audience. Nevertheless, with appropriate narration, these tales can cater to readers of varying ages, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable reading experience for all.

In conclusion, “Gulgul, Ginni, Peepal, Papad and More” is a literary gem that effortlessly merges entertainment with moral teachings. Grover’s compilation is a must-read, providing a wholesome experience for readers of all ages, offering tales that resonate long after the book is closed.

Happy Reading!!