House As We Knew It: Life of Unending Memories by Vasvi Tiwari

House As We Knew It: Life of Unending Memories by Vasvi Tiwari
House As We Knew It: Life of Unending Memories by Vasvi Tiwari


“House As We Knew It” tracks an unforgettable journey of Samriddhi and her emotional relationship with her ancestral house “Sukh-Sadan.” A house that is on the brink of being sold. The story takes us into the life of an unconventional Brahmin family and brings out the fascinating and insightful pieces of each profile, revealing funny and intimate titbits of a large brood in a small town.

My Review:

“House As We Knew It: Life of Unending Memories” by Vasvi Tiwari takes readers on an emotive journey through Samriddhi’s poignant connection with her ancestral home, “Sukh-Sadan”. The narrative unveils the impending sale of this cherished house, delving into the life of an unconventional Brahmin family while uncovering the intimate and humorous details of each member within a small town setting.

Within the narrative, Tiwari masterfully captures relatable moments that resonate deeply with readers. From the unpredictability of guests’ arrivals to the anticipation of long-distance relatives’ trains, the story navigates the familial joys and quirks that echo universal experiences. The comparison among siblings and the multifaceted personalities of relatives and friends add layers of depth, painting a rich tapestry of relationships and dynamics.

Central to the narrative is the gripping dilemma of whether to sell the house, an emotional tug-of-war that resonates with anyone who has grappled with the significance of familial heritage versus practicality. However, the storytelling approach, crafted as a memoir, occasionally leads to information overload, resulting in slower-paced segments that may test some readers’ engagement. Despite these moments, the overall narrative remains a compelling and worthwhile read.

Tiwari’s choice of a memoir-style narrative allows for an intimate portrayal of the characters and their intricate connections. While this approach occasionally veers into dull stretches due to the abundance of information, the story’s heartwarming moments and relatable instances ultimately balances these lulls, making it an interesting read.

“House As We Knew It” captivates with its vivid portrayal of familial bonds, the nostalgia-laden essence of an ancestral home, and the timeless dilemma of letting go versus holding on. Recommended for those seeking a touching exploration of familial ties and the emotional complexities entwined with the idea of home, this book is a heartfelt ode to the memories that shape our lives.

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