Mim and Wiggy's Grand Adventure by Jay McKenzie

Mim and Wiggy's Grand Adventure by Jay McKenzie
Mim and Wiggy's Grand Adventure by Jay McKenzie


Meet Mim bored, underchallenged, hapless. A call-centre operative and wife to her childhood sweetheart, Mim’s world is small and staid. That is, until it isn’t.

Meet aristocratic, small-minded and out of touch. Accustomed to a life of luxury, his judgemental, bigoted attitudes are at odds with Mim’s working class sensibilities.

When these two lost souls seeking closure of different kinds are thrown together at a badly-sung spiritualist church service, they find themselves horrifyingly stuck together. Intent on finding meaning in her tiny life, with or without a dreadful travel buddy, Mim ploughs ahead with her planned journey of a lifetime across Europe, Asia and Australia. After all, travel is the great leveller, right?

Can Mim find purpose on the trip of her dreams, while saddled to the travel companion of her nightmares?

My Review:

“Mim and Wiggy’s Grand Adventure” by Jay McKenzie is a tale that introduces us to two vastly different characters, Miriam Webster aka Mim and Arthur Patrick Wallop Wiggleton aka Wiggy. Mim, a call-center operative, and Wiggy, an aristocratic spirit, are thrust together in an unexpected twist of fate at a spiritualist church service. What follows is a journey across Europe, Asia, and Australia, as Mim seeks meaning in her life while accompanied by the unlikely travel companion, Wiggy.

The interactions between Mim and Wiggy are not only hilarious but also offer a realistic portrayal of the clash between their contrasting personalities.

While the book cover, albeit charming, may not offer much insight into the plot, the story commences with a compelling hook.

The story begins on an intriguing note, introducing the readers to the main characters and the conflict, but it slows down at times, with some scenes feeling a bit dragged. In a novel, each scene should ideally contribute to the overall plot, but this isn’t always the case here. While the book promises an exciting travelogue with a focus on building new friendships, it doesn’t deliver as many adventures as one might expect.

The characters introduced in this novel have unique personalities and have a great scope to provide depth to the story. Wiggy’s character, in particular, feels underdeveloped and could have been made more three-dimensional. Similarly, Mim’s travels don’t significantly contribute to her character development, and the revelation of her own role in her pain could have been explored more deeply.

There is untapped potential in the story to delve into the emotional and adventurous struggles of the characters and to showcase deeper friendships forged during Mim’s travels. However, it falls short in this aspect.

In conclusion, “Mim and Wiggy’s Grand Adventure” has a promising plot, and the author demonstrates the ability to craft engaging stories. While the characters and their interactions are a highlight, the book could benefit from more adventures, deeper character development, and a more profound exploration of the emotional aspects of the journey. Despite its shortcomings, it remains an entertaining read for those looking for a lighthearted travel story with humor and heart.

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