Writing Consultancy

Writing Consultancy
Writing Consultancy

What is Writing Consultancy?

Writing Consultancy is a process in which a consultant works with a writer to help them improve their writing skills, clarify their goals, develop their voice, and overcome any obstacles or challenges they may be facing in their writing process.

Why do you need it?

Writers seek writing consultancy to improve their writing skills, gain clarity and direction in their writing goals, overcome writer’s block or other challenges in their writing process, receive feedback and support, and develop their unique writing voice and style.

How can I help you?

As a writing consultant, I help writers by providing personalized guidance, feedback, and support tailored to their specific needs and goals. This includes assisting with idea generation, outlining, revising, editing, and providing accountability to help writers stay motivated and on track.

What can you expect in Writing Consultancy?

In writing consultancy, writers can expect to receive personalized guidance, feedback, and support to improve their writing skills, clarify their goals, develop their voice and style, overcome challenges, and stay accountable. Consultancy sessions may include discussions on writing techniques, brainstorming, reviewing and revising drafts, and setting and tracking writing goals.

What do you need to start the sessions?

All you need is a story idea and a basic plan of what you want the plot to be about. The more details you have, the better.

What are the areas of focus in Writing Consultancy?

Idea Generation: Helping writers to identify and develop their book idea, and to determine its feasibility and market potential.

Outlining: Assisting writers in creating a clear outline or roadmap for their book, including the development of a solid structure and overall narrative arc.

Character Development: Helping writers to develop memorable and relatable characters that will engage readers and drive the story forward.

Plot Development: Working with writers to develop a compelling and cohesive plot that keeps readers engaged from beginning to end.

Writing Techniques: Coaching writers on techniques to improve their writing skills, such as showing vs. telling, pacing, dialogue, and point of view.

Revision: Assisting writers in reviewing and refining their draft, including evaluating their writing style and addressing any plot or character inconsistencies.

Proofreading: Helping writers to refine their writing by identifying areas for improvement and providing suggestions for revision.

Synopsis Assistance: Assisting writers in creating a synopsis that would help them in the querying process to get published.

Editing: Copy editing to ensure that the language, sentence flow, and word choice are good.


End-to-end Consultancy: In end-to-end writing consultancy, I will provide ongoing support and guidance to the writer over an extended period of time, typically several months, up to a year. This includes regular consultancy sessions, feedback and support throughout the writing process, and assistance with goal-setting, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing.

One-Month Consultancy: In a one-month writing consultancy, I will provide similar support, but over a shorter timeframe. This includes weekly consultancy sessions, feedback on a few writing pieces, and assistance with specific writing goals.

One-Time Consultancy: In a one-time writing consultancy session, I will provide targeted guidance and feedback on a specific piece of writing, or address a specific challenge or question related to the writing process. This may include developing a story idea, suggestions for improvement, and tips for moving forward.