Brilliance Beyond Love by Pramod Ponoth

Brilliance Beyond Love by Pramod Ponoth
Brilliance Beyond Love by Pramod Ponoth


It might be an incident that had played out many times before. Something that had been repeated countless times in history. But this time it was different. This time it was on a scale that had never been seen before. This time… it would not simply blow over. It will take you through the historic rambles of a love story to unfold that hidden future of the world. To safeguard the country’s peace, the government selected a specialised team. A team meant to uncover a secret that had been buried for ages in rubble and obscurity. A family is dragged into this mess unwillingly and now this unlikely group holds the key to unfolding this hidden mystery. Humankind would have never imagined that the technological growth in their backyard would impact them so significantly and mercilessly.

Will they be able to discover what was lost? Will they be able to protect that which they hold dear? Will they be able to unfold the mystery to save the country they call home? And more importantly…

Will they be able to survive…?

My Review:

“Brilliance Beyond Love” by Pramod Ponoth is an intriguing novel that effectively blends history, technology, and fiction. The author has done an excellent job of creating describing the beauty of the Taj Mahal and its history in an engaging manner.

One of the strongest aspects of the novel is the well-crafted character-building. The characters are well-developed, with distinct personalities and motivations, which makes it easy for readers to connect with them.

The world-building is also impressive, as the author takes readers on a journey through the Taj Mahal, painting a vivid picture of the place and its history.

The language used in the novel is easy to read and understand, making it accessible to a wide range of readers.

The plot revolves around a team trying to excavate hidden treasure in the Taj Mahal, while another team is sent to assist by the cultural ministry. The story raises questions like what is the treasure and why is it being excavated, which makes the reader curious to find out more.

As the plot unfolds, it becomes clear that the excavation is not just about hidden treasure but has significant implications for the entire country. The introduction of AI policing and censoring in the second half of the novel is an unexpected twist, which is both interesting and scary to think about.

The only downside of the book is that the proofreading could have been better as there are some spelling and grammar errors.

In conclusion, “Brilliance Beyond Love” is an interesting novel that will appeal to readers interested in history, science, and technology. The novel’s strengths lie in its good description, character-building, world-building, and easy language.

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