Sandorn's Prison by Thom Bedford

Sandorn's Prison by Thom Bedford
Sandorn's Prison by Thom Bedford


Galactic war has ravaged the cosmos for three months. In an attempt to break the stalemate between the two warring powers, the Alliance launches a perilous mission to liberate thousands of their captured officers from a nearby Union prison. Disaster strikes, however, and the rescue attempt fails. Distress signals are intercepted by Exeter Station, where Commander Tanic Sandorn and his crew are called upon to do what the first mission couldn’t. Save the tortured prisoners of war.

In order to be a part of this rescue mission, Sandorn and the rest of his crew will need to fall in line behind a corrupt, authoritarian fleet commander, who is willing to get them all killed for the sake of his own reputation. Will this second navy operation succeed, or will the same tragedy befall them, leaving even more lives lost?

Propaganda and discontentment are on the rise. Cracks are beginning to appear in the political horizon. Not everything is as it seems within the Alliance.

This military space opera novel combines epic fleet combat, space marine ground battles, political intrigue, deception, and romance. All the best parts of science fiction.

My Review:

Thom Bedford’s Sandorn’s Prison is a captivating addition to the Sandorn’s Allegiance series, with a fantastic blend of space opera, political intrigue, and dynamic characters. The author’s writing style is immersive, with well-crafted descriptions of ships, space stations, and high-stakes battle scenes that leave readers on the edge of their seats. The world-building is exceptional, with a deep-seated conflict between the Alliance and the Union factions, and the introduction of a brewing problem that adds to the suspense.

The character development of Tanic Sandorn is a standout feature, as he navigates the challenges of being a leader torn between following orders and doing what is right. His choices and sacrifices show his deep sense of morality, making him a character that readers can’t help but admire. Additionally, the supporting characters are equally well-developed, each bringing their unique perspective and motivation to the narrative.

The pacing is another strength of the novel, with a smooth and consistent flow from start to finish. The twists and turns keep the plot fresh, and the author’s adept handling of tension and pacing creates a story that is both exciting and emotionally engaging.

Overall, Sandorn’s Prison is a triumph of space opera and a tribute to Thom Bedford’s skills as a storyteller. The book is a great read for fans of the genre, offering a captivating adventure that will stay with readers long after the final page. With its superb writing, world-building, character development, and pacing, Sandorn’s Prison is a remarkable achievement in science fiction literature.

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