Empower Your Super Powers by Anjali Gursahaney

Empower Your Super Powers by Anjali Gursahaney
Empower Your Super Powers by Anjali Gursahaney

About the book:

Do you ever look around the world and feel this can’t be it? Are we only supposed to follow the rat race and deal with issues all our lives?

We’ve been told what to do and how to do things since we were kids. As humans, we are all superheroes who are blessed with the superpower to control our lives and live accordingly.

You, my friend, are the creator and you can make your life as amazing as you want it to be. Today, you take charge!

My Review:

I got the chance to read “Empower Your Super Powers” at a time when I was facing many doubts—doubts about my career, doubts about my future, doubts about my emotions, doubts about everything in general. I was feeling emotionally numb and couldn’t focus on anything. When I held the book in my hand, I knew it was meant to be read at that very moment.

I would often find myself thinking about stuff that I had no control over. Instead of taking action, I would waste my time thinking about the future and lamenting over my past. Until I read this book. This book helped me realise how a lot of things I had unconsciously been focussing on were a barrier to my personal growth and peace.

The book talks about negative emotions, toxic people, and self-criticism, and how to deal with them. The author believes that all these things can be tackled, only if you know yourself. For that, she suggests the use of just three things: Journal, Mirror, and Quiet Environment.

The book is divided into 10 chapters and each chapter focuses on a different personality trait/emotion that the reader needs to address. The author explains how each trait/emotion is a hindrance to one’s growth and how it could be turned into power just by changing one’s outlook.

The author suggests having strong boundaries, letting go of toxic people and thoughts, accepting changes, talking to one’s inner child, and always manifesting good things for oneself among others as a way to heal oneself.

The book is easy to read and understand. It resonates with readers because the author uses real-life examples. She talks about the common problems we suffer and we all relate to. Whether it is lack of privacy at home, fight with friends and family, or ghosting on dating sites. She talks about everything from a young adult’s perspective.

She also, unapologetically, talks about the mistakes she has made in life and how she moved on and grew with them. It takes guts to accept your mistakes and more so to talk about them in front of the public. In that way, she is a great teacher as she helps the reader find and accept their mistakes and grow.

Unlike other self-help books, this one doesn’t preach. Rather, it is a friendly monologue of the author for her readers who she unconditionally wants to help.

If you want to deal heal your past wounds, present anxiety, and future fears, this book is for you.

Happy Reading!!