The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan Patil

The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan Patil
The Beautiful Sky by Harshwardhan Patil


Agar na mille to na sahi, Dawat nahi to langar hi sahi. Agar chu liya aap ke dil ko kabhi, To shayar hi nahi par jadugar hi sahi.

A story of a madman, dreamer, and shayar, Vian, who has strong faith in the law of attraction, and thinks everything happening in the universe has a cause, and somewhere we all are connected. He lives his life as per the unknown book ‘A Good Boyfriend is a Terrible Ex-boyfriend’.

A week before her marriage, Vian’s love, Amyra is gang-raped and Vian is brutally beaten up.

Vian, in a stage between life and death, is asked by GOD, what will he give Him if he is granted a second life to save Amyra. The trade done by Vian decides his destiny and faith.

My Review:

The Beautiful Sky is a screenplay. It is the story of Vian, who is trying to help Amyra, his love, come out of her trauma. The book is written using a combination of Hindi and English language. Shayaris, poetries, and a majority of dialogues are in Hindi. While the scene description and narration is in English.

The story revolves around multiple themes including romance, rape, PTSD, mental health, fantasy, etc. The book proudly stands as India’s longest love story.

The writing style is pretty different from all the other books I have read. The narration is direct and easy to read and would easily appeal to Bollywood enthusiasts because of its dialogue writing and execution.

Editing could have been better. At many points, the sentences are complex and lack punctuations. Tenses are inconsistent. Too much seems to be going on with continuously shifting years, poetries, and excerpts from a fictional book that Vian loves. However, the dialogue writing and poetries/shayaris make it enjoyable. The author is able to keep the reader hooked till the end.

Both Amyra and Vian represent strong characters. Their fight with their lives and destiny is well depicted. I love how Vian sticks with Amyra and does everything in his hands to take Amyra out of the hell hole.

The story is funny, serious, and emotional. It is an interesting read and offers something unique of it its own.

Recommended if you are looking for a slow burn. Trigger Warning: The book contains themes like rape and PTSD.

Happy Reading!!