Joey Loves Granny by Nidhi Sharma

Joey Loves Granny by Nidhi Sharma
Joey Loves Granny by Nidhi Sharma


“Joey Loves Granny” takes an emotional and uplifting look at the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson. When Joey senses that Granny is sad, it fills his heart with empathy. He knows that Granny misses Grandpa. So, what does Joey do? He can sure make her laugh. But will Granny stop missing Grandpa? Let’s dive into their world and find out.

My Review:

“Joey Loves Granny” is a children’s picture book. It is an innocent story of Joey and his granny. Joey is a naughty kid and his granny is always there by his side to get him out of troubles. One day, Joey realises that his granny is sad and tries to make her happy. The story revolves around the themes such as love, loss, empathy, overcoming grief, and embracing happiness.

The author’s writing style is simple and can be understood by a 5-year-old. There are few words like mischievous, inspire, whine, etc., that might be difficult for such young kids to understand, hence, making it a great source to improve their vocabulary and introduce them to new ideas.

Illustrations designed by Amit Sharma are relevant and colourful. Pastel colours are used, which are soothing to look at. Emotions are well presented throughout. These illustrations can be used to present the story to children who have not learned how to read.

The book contains discussion questions for kids to understand the story at a deeper level. It is a great way to initiate a conversation with kids about love for grandparents and empathy in general.

The book is currently available on Kindle and will soon be released in paperback format.

Definitely recommended for children of all ages.

Happy Reading!!