Devil's Intern by Jayme Phelps

Devil's Intern by Jayme Phelps
Devil's Intern by Jayme Phelps


After making a deal with the Devil, Anna Westfall is now in her own personal hell on earth. The thing is, she now has the ability to make deals of her own. With great power comes even higher stakes. Now, will she do what’s right to save her friend from the same fate?

My Review:

Devil’s Intern is a story about Anna who is dead and is now serving her sentence on the Earth. A pure fantasy fiction, it is a unique take on life after death and soul reaping as understood by different religions. In this story, the people who are dead are either sent to hell or made to stay on the Earth to serve their sentence. Despite being on the Earth and living a pretty much human life, they can’t meet their loved ones and are guided by serious principles, which if not followed can lead them to the prism—the jail of their worst fears.

The title is relevant, but I found the cover to not be the right representation of the plot. The surroundings give no idea about the setting of the story. The personality of the characters as described in the story does not seem to be the same as depicted in the picture.

Language is lucid and easy to understand. The story is well-paced and keeps the reader hooked from the beginning when one is introduced to the scene and an exciting world of witches, warlocks, vampires, and psychics.

Characters are rounded and serve their purpose well.

  • Anna is a soulless, commonly known as void, an exception in this fantasy world. She is a psychic and can understand people’s intentions by seeing the colour of their eyes. She discovers her ability to sign deals with people, which involves them having to give up their souls in return for a favour. This ability leads her into a serious trouble when she is asked to work under the Devil and reap more souls.
  • Rachel is a witch. The witch community is generally apprehensive of Anna, but Rachel becomes her good friend after Anna saves her.
  • Matt, a fairy, is Anna’s lover and is supportive whenever she needs him. He is one of the most adorable characters of the story.
  • Stephan is a soul reaper who signs the deal with Anna in the first place and leads her to the hellish life she is living.
  • Silas, the Devil, a lawyer for the human world, is the one for whom Stephan works. He receives the reaped souls and passes his judgement for the sentence they would be serving.

The story is written in first person, past tense. The author takes a quick detour through a flashback to tell us about Anna’s back story and later, the story unfolds chronologically.

There were several questions in story that were left unanswered and have a scope for further development. But I am hoping that those would be answered in the upcoming sequel.

Definitely recommended if you are looking for a unique theme in fantasy genre and an easy read.

Happy Reading!!