Invisible Girlfriend by Ekta Renu Chandna

Invisible Girlfriend by Ekta Renu Chandna
Invisible Girlfriend by Ekta Renu Chandna


Imagine this: You cannot believe your luck that the new girl in school who is as beautiful as the sunrise, is willing to date you! You fall deeply in love with her. And on a fine day, while having a romantic candle-light dinner with your gorgeous girlfriend under the star-lit sky, with a cold wind blowing, she just . . . disappears, into thin air.

Baffling, isn’t it?

That’s exactly what happened to Siddharth a.k.a. Sid.

Where did she go? What happened? How can this happen? Read the novella to find out the mystery of the invisible girlfriend!

Invisible Girlfriend is a unique tale of love that you have never encountered before!

My Review:

The plot of “Invisible Girlfriend” promises an interesting break from the usual romance stories. With all the suspense and mysticism, it offers something different from the usual.

The story had a scope to become tear-jerker and heart-wrenching fiction, but it lacked emotional depth. The characters could have been more powerful and memorable. The scenes seem to appear one after another without letting the audience connect. I feel the editing could have been worked upon a little more.

The cover of the book does not represent the story. While the cover may hint at a sad story, the book is actually paranormal fiction. The binding is very stiff, making it difficult to hold in one hand. The best part is that it has easy readability. The short length of the book makes it a quick read for anyone.

Recommended if you are looking for a light and quick read or something of a palate cleanser after a heavy or emotional read.

Happy Reading!!