Julius Caesar by Hourly History

Julius Caesar by Hourly History
Julius Caesar by Hourly History


A little over 2000 years ago a man named Julius Caesar changed the world. Even if you had never heard of him his lasting legacy has no doubt had an impact on your life. No doubt, even the very calendar that you use is based upon the system he created, with the month of July bearing his name. So who was this man that singlehandedly changed the course of history?

This book follows the life and legacy of the man whose life stood as a footnote between Republic and Empire. The man who has inspired playwrights, governments, and the very days of the week, the life of Julius Caesar is an incredible journey to behold.

My Review:

“Julius Caesar: A Life from Beginning to End” is published by Hourly History. Hourly History is a publication that concisely publishes history books and the books take no longer than one hour to read.

What could be better? For someone like me, who loves to know more about history but can’t get into it, just by looking at its huge size and numerous dates and facts, this is a great way to stay updated.

The book is a brief history of the life of Julius Caesar. On this short virtual trip to the Roman Republic of 100 BCE through 44 BCE—his birth, background, political journey, marriages, and finally his death—everything is perfectly described. The reader gets to know more about Julius Caesar. His role in the formation of the modern-day calendar, his unparalleled intellect, his philanthropic nature, and his extraordinary dictatorship.

The tone of the writer was humorous, like that of a good history teacher. Various sarcastic comments throughout the book made it a light read.

The writing style is simple and easy to understand. I think that now I am going to retain a lot more information about Julius Caesar than I would have had I read a school history book.

This book is DEFINITELY recommended. If you are even slightly interested in knowing about Julius Caesar’s life and don’t want to scourge through different websites, read it.

“The life of Julius Caesar was not just some fantastic tale but is instead the life that he lived and breathed. Every once in a great while, someone comes into this world seemingly born with a mission; they ride the wings of fate to heights of glory, and it’s the most the rest of us can do to just take note if their ascent to the heavens.” -Extract from the book

A lot of the titles by Hourly History are free on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited. (Go check them out!)

Happy Reading!!