Love Unecpected by Ritu Kakar

Love Unecpected by Ritu Kakar


Kaira is an independent girl, chasing her ambitions. Aveer is a strong-minded and successful entrepreneur, seeking expansion. When they get together to give wings to her venture, there are fireworks and a strange chemistry between them. But there is something else walking along – Kaira’s past. With Drew’s presence looming large like the devil, Kaira does not know how to accept her emotions for Aveer. Her loved ones protect her from all harm fiercely, but will they succeed this time too? Amidst confusion of a promising future and the demons of the past, in trying to find faith and burying betrayal, and in the battle between Kaira’s heart and her fears will lead the way to happiness?.

My Review:

Love Unexpected revolves around the life of the protagonist, Kaira. Having a bad relationship in the past, she is now trying to focus solely on her Café Library. She is pretty sure that “love” is not for her until she bumps into a mystery man and all those tingling sensations start coming to her. I loved the simplicity of the writing style. The title and the blurb don’t leave much to wonder. But the moments in the story are cute, and keeps you hooked. It is our usual romantic comedy. A career-oriented female lead with a dark past, an overly - almost unrealistically - handsome male lead with no defects, bump into each other out of nowhere, and fall in love.  Along with the love story of Kaira, it is also the story of friendship between Kaira and Tasha, and their journey through the thick and thin. Kaira and Sam depict a great brother-sister relationship and their banters are fun to read. As interesting the plot and the writing was, I believe that the characters do lack some depth. Aveer is introduced in the story but his past is nowhere under discussion. At one point we see Kaira searching through the magazines and internet about this top publisher, but she finds no personal life details of this guy. I think this was preferred by the writer to get away from going into details of the character. But, that would have certainly made the character more lovable. Similarly, Drew was simply a douchebag character. Some efforts could have been made into making his character reasonable.  Nevertheless, it was a fun read. Recommended if you are looking for afun, quick, and light-hearted read. 

Happy Reading!!