WYRD - The Wild & Weird Adventures of A + B (Part 1 - Japan) by Shasha Borya

WYRD - The Wild & Weird Adventures of A + B (Part 1 - Japan) by Shasha Borya

My Review:

Wyrd: The Wild and Weird Adventures of A + B is a travelogue of two people Aleks and Boris in different parts of the world. This particular book is a description of their travel to Japan.

The book talks in length about Japan, the culture, various locations, the people and the food around there.

I just loved the vibes of the book. It is cool, adventurous, spontaneous and humorous. Like any unplanned travel to an unknown place, with language barriers, this book is also full of realisation about cultural differences and flawed Google translations.

If you have ever been in such a situation, you will know how relatable the book is. And moreover if you are vegetarian/vegan at a place dominated by non vegetarians, then you can’t stop sympathizing with the characters.

It is fun to read. The descriptions are so detailed that it actually takes the reader on a tour of Japan. Not having visited Japan myself, it has intrigued me to go there atleast once in my life.

If you love to travel, and you want to go to Japan this book will tell you honest do’s and don’ts. And even if you don’t want to go to Japan then this book would give you a trip in the comfort of your bed (though you can’t resist the idea of going to Japan after reading it.)

Happy Reading!!