Metamorphosis by Ivy Logan

Metamorphosis by Ivy Logan
Metamorphosis by Ivy Logan


Amelia, Peradora’s teenage heiress is a fashionista and boasts of 6 million followers on Twitter. In reality she is a bit of an introvert, a prisoner in a golden cage and her ‘it girl’ image is nothing but a carefully crafted, elaborate P.R. plan, masterminded by her guardian, Liam, the dictator of Peradora.

As secrets from her past dodge her at every turn, can Amelia choose between Adrian, the adventure junkie, her first love and Noah, the handsome bodyguard, and her best friend? Do they have secrets of their own, they’re keeping from her?

Now Peradora, her beloved nation is in trouble, and a sorceress ancestor, grants Amelia the ability to shape shift. Will it prove to be a curse or a boon? Will the power be too much for Amelia to handle? And can it truly change who she is inside, a frightened girl, quite out of her depth?

As a stunning set of events unfold, will the truth set Amelia free or will she learn that some secrets are best buried in the past?

My Review:

Amelia, Peradora’s teenage heiress, is being used by Liam, her uncle to keep up his diamond business. Amelia gradually comes afront with the secrets that have been kept hidden from her for years. And with the secrets come a great responsibility of saving her nation, Peradora and a gift of shape shifting.

The book is part 2 of Breach Chronicles, but can be read as a stand alone. Though you need to read the upcoming part to know what happens next.

The story has a nice element of Urban Fantasy. I liked the characters. The role of woman in fighting for themselves as well as their loved ones is what I loved in this book.

The cover is not representative of the story, but works nonetheless.

I found the author repeating same stuff over and over in the book while skipping main parts like how exactly did a fight took place etc. This kind of made me lose my interest in the otherwise good plot.

Happy Reading!!