When Stars Align by E.K. McCoy

When Stars Align by E.K. McCoy
When Stars Align by E.K. McCoy


Do you believe in destiny—a predetermined, irresistible course of events that no act of human intervention can deter? Dr. Augustus Owens, an ER trauma specialist, does. He believes an invisible force is always present with him and is the deciding factor between life or death. Dr. Owens realizes that in life we can only do so much before something else takes control and decides fate for us.But what role does destiny play in love? How much control do we really have in matters of the heart?As is true with most young medical residents, confident and determined Dr. Owens cannot afford to waste time on girls or parties. He works long and hard and is dedicated to advancing his career at any cost. So why is he feeling so undeniably drawn to the mysterious girl he spotted at a frat party next door? Almost as if under a spell, a sudden vulnerability consumes him, and he feels the need to be as close to her as he possibly can be.On the pages of this book fate and time weave a riveting, heartwarming tale of why Dr. Owens was forced in her direction from the minute he laid eyes on her. Their paths were destined to cross, and there was no stopping destiny.

My Review:

When Stars Align is a love story of a guy who is a Doctor and a girl who is pursuing Music as a major in her college.

It talks about the struggles of being a doctor. How a doctor finds it difficult to be available for their family because of their priority being to save lives of other people.

Elsie is an under-confident girl who does not recognises her singing talent when everyone around her does. She is shy, introvert and overconcious. Auggie is a doctor whose only priority is his work which seems to change when he meets Elsie. He is hot, smart and humourous.

This is a story of love influenced by time and destiny.

I am not a fan of romance, but books like these take a special in my heart because of their writing style. The dialogues are so powerful and the characters so meaningful that you can’t not cry or feel their plight.

My favourite character is Marie, for always being there for her best friend, Elsie. She didn’t just only say that she was like her sister, she proved it.

There are ups and downs in this book as every romance has but I loved the way the suspense was maintained throughout the book. Why and how things happened, were revealed slowly, keeping the reader hooked to the book.

I definitely recommend this book if you are looking for something different than a cheesy romance.

Happy Reading!!