Unobliterated by Samridhhi Manadawat

Unobliterated by Samridhhi Manadawat
Unobliterated by Samridhhi Manadawat


Ever wondered the emotions of:

  • a girl who is in love for the first time
  • a girl who gets her periods for the first time
  • successful woman who undergoes an emotional stress
  • women who breastfeed
  • emotions running through a rape survivor
  • a widow who masturbates out of her unusual sexual desires
  • desires and hopes of a prostitute from the society and such allied topics?

My Review:

Unobiliterated is a collection of poetries, which talk about women and topics revolving around women. These topics are the variety of emotions and situations faced by women around the world. The writer boldly and openly talks about stuff such as sexuality, motherhood, rape and prostitution.

The writing style is simple yet touching. The author successfully takes the reader to the dark side of life of a woman, which is more than often is left untalked and undiscussed.

It is a short read and definitely recommended if you want to explore more about the life of a woman.

Happy Reading!!