Temple Origins by Chris Patt

Temple Origins by Chris Patt
Temple Origins by Chris Patt


The Fate Sisters turn a promise into a curse, and the Bloodborne Legacy begins. Follow along as Death leads a young Mayan girl toward a sacred amulet.

My Review:

Temple Origins is a story about Almaya who is given a herculean task of protecting her tribe after the death of her sister, Patli by the Death itself.

Being a trailer or an introductory book to the series, it did its work well. Introduction of characters is thoughtfully done. And their roles and responsibilities as per the plot of the story has been clearly defined.

The concept is impressive and definitely makes me eager to read the first book of the series - Reign Drops.

There were some errors in the text, which hindered my reading experience and I hope it won’t be so in the coming novels.

Happy Reading!!