Chance Encounter by Christi Whitson

Chance Encounter by Christi Whitson
Chance Encounter by Christi Whitson


Kennedy: What started as a writing exercise ended with me giving a hot guy a fake number. Not my finest hour. I never thought I’d see Donovan again, but he turned up in the most unlikely of places. And this time, he’s made it clear he has no intention of letting me get away.

Donovan: When I saw her in that cafe, my whole world shifted. I didn’t want to spend another second of my life not knowing her. She enchanted me from the very first glance, but almost every word from her lips was a lie. And when she gave me a fake name and vanished, it seemed fate was determined to make me a fool. When I finally found her again, the bombshell she dropped would’ve sent most men running. But I’m not most men. And even the mother of all roadblocks won’t stop me from claiming her.

Author’s Note: Chance Encounter is a light-hearted, stand-alone contemporary romance with a HEA. You do not need to read the rest of the Fates Aligned series to enjoy the book. Be prepared for unexpected twists, a moderate helping of steamy goodness, and a sweet book-boyfriend with a dirty mouth.

My Review:

The story revolves around themes such as friendship, love, sacrifice and motherhood.

The characters are awesome and immediately lovable. They are realistically developed. They deal with good and bad, truths and lies, in a way any real person would actually do.

Don’t expect much twists and turns. It is a straight forward cheesy romance story involving a ‘tadka’ of family drama.

The story is fast paced but maintains its quality throughout. Though I expected a little more of ‘scenes’ at the end which would make me feel emotionally connected to Kennedy.

Recommended if you are looking for a light romance read.

Happy Reading!!