Divyastra by Nimish Tanna

Divyastra by Nimish Tanna
Divyastra by Nimish Tanna


Thousands of years ago, Indian Yogis possessed the knowledge to obtain the weapons of the gods. However, this knowledge could only be transferred from a Guru to his disciple by word of mouth. In today’s world, one mystic, who calls himself Guruji, still possesses this knowledge and is using it to empower an innocent person’s life. Only, this empowerment could be a deception and the innocent person is a thirteen year old boy with a stutter… In this intertwining tale, an ambitious yet unsuccessful Shankar, in search of his identity, is manipulated to embark on a never-told-before fantasy tale; only to rediscover the father he never knew and unmask the mystical Guruji. Amidst this confounding concoction of ancient myths, deluding personas and dispersed emotions, will Shankar ever be able to separate fact from fiction and find his true identity?

My Review:

A mix of mythology, fantasy and science, Divyastra takes you on a journey full of myths and facts.

The author has put in a lot of efforts in research about the astras and shastras. And that is definitely visible as the story progresses.

This book is quite a different read than what people are used to reading under the genre of fantasy. I was not really a fan of this genre but the story genuinely interested me. It hooks you up from chapter 1.

The way the story unfolds is very clever and smartly executed. Unpredictable twists and turns keeps you eager to read more.

Whether you are fan of Hindu mythology or not, this novel will make you enjoy every second you put into it

Happy Reading!!