The Dark Side Of The Moon by Shubham Arora

The Dark Side Of The Moon by Shubham Arora
The Dark Side Of The Moon by Shubham Arora


The Dark Side Of The Moon is a collection of short stories that are dark, grim and flirt ambitiously with notions of the unexplained.

Volume 1 includes three fast paced stories which are bound to keep you hooked -

THE LAST SKYPE: What do you do when you are thousands of miles away from the person you love? You Skype. But what if what you see isn’t what it actually is?

IN MY HEAD: All killers have a motive. People don’t kill out of necessity; people kill because they want to kill. Would a mother murdering her own child have a motive too? He has seven days to find out.

THE RITUAL: It’s been 33 years. The comet is returning. His god is returning. The time is right for The Ritual. Will his god come home?

My Review:

All the three stories deal in the depths of mind. They are something which you wouldn’t want to agree with readily (being educated enough, questioning the unseeable, and believing in logics) but also they are something which is not clearly deniable. If we have a peek into the past, we can come up with several such incidences, which deny logic and science.

I appreciate the way, the author chose this theme, keeping it both believably true and unbelievably spooky and unnatural.

The title justifies the 3 stories. “The Dark Side Of The Moon” which is not visible, but is there. As complex and unnatural the changing shapes of the moon is despite us knowing the science of it, so are the three stories of this book.

Definitely recommended if you are looking for short, spooky reads.

Happy Reading!!