Surviving McCoy by EK McCoy

Surviving McCoy by EK McCoy
Surviving McCoy by EK McCoy


Growing up, my sisters and I played rough, and throughout the years we were known to have several fist fights. A day didn’t pass without one of us ending up with a new scratch or bruise, and we certainly had our fair share of stitches. We were always covered in dirt. We played and fought like boys, but we held grudges and sought revenge like girls. Our grandfather Poppy gave us the nickname The McCoy Boys. Looking back, I wish us McCoy Boys would have known what we know now—that life really does pass in the blink of an eye, and throughout your life friends will come and go, but you’ll always have your family. Those moments when we all got along and acted like not only friends but sisters who loved and cared for one another were some of the best moments of my life.

My Review:

Surviving McCoy is a mostly true memoir of the life of the author. It is the journey of the author, from her birth till after her marriage and having 2 kids.

Being the youngest of the three sisters she has faced a fair (I would rather say unfair) share of bully. Like in any other household, Em, the youngest sister is being bullied by her 2 elder sisters, Charlie and Liz. But I think these girls took sisterly fights to another level. She wouldn’t even dare to complain about her sisters’ deeds to her parents since she was so scared of them. I frankly have not witnessed such behaviour in my or my friends’ or relatives’ houses. Hence, I found the behaviour of Charlie rather more deregotary than what the author must have aimed to show.

Even the parents seem quite ignorant about the behaviour of their kids. My mom would have taken a good class of me and my sister had we done anything close to what the McCoy boys were upto.

Gradually, as the McCoy boys grow up, and separate from their home for higher studies, they realise each other’s values in their lives. They realise the importance of their sisters and parents. They find out how pure and unconditional the love of a family is.

It not only talks about relationship with sister and parents but also grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, boyfriends and husbands. Each relationship in its truest sense.

It is an innocent compilation of the memorable moments of the authors life. And I must say I enjoyed this journey. It is a light read. It feels like you are talking to a friend who is complaining about her sister and family. And you are just like “I know right. I feel you.”

Recommended If you think that your relationship with your siblings is bad. If you think that parenting is difficult. If you think being a single parent is much more difficult. If you think your kids are a pain in the ass. This book will definitely make you feel better about your life.

Happy Reading!!