Words of Void by Sandhiya Palanisamy

Words of Void by Sandhiya Palanisamy
Words of Void by Sandhiya Palanisamy


Words of void is a collection of poetry, prose and quotes about life. It explores around pain, love, heart break and happiness of people who wanna change themselves but also tired of society wanting them to stay where they are.

Words of void takes you through the journey of the darkness of life and finds still light in them, because if you keep moving forward there is light at the end of every tunnel.

My Review:

Words of Void is a beautiful collection of quotes, poetries and proses. Written from the point of view of a girl, who is oppressed and assaulted. A girl, whose dreams are shattered and has been abused.

The theme revolves around love, lust, pain, sexual assault and dreams broken by family and society.

The words are written from heart and reaches the heart of readers.

I loved the simplicity with which the writer has expressed herself. There is a lot to be read between the lines, to be discussed and to ponder upon.

But there were many grammatical errors which spoiled the wonderful experience of getting connected to the words.

The proses and quotes are great ideas to be used as prompts if you like to write or want to start the habit of writing.

Happy Reading!!