Living for Today by V. R. Baucke

Living for Today by V. R. Baucke
Living for Today by V. R. Baucke


It was a lonely world when the ever present ghosts of my past refused to lie dormant. They blemished all that was beautiful in my world, tainting and tarnishing even the simplest of memories. Deep-rooted. Lingering. …Unseen.

Emily Dixon knew what it was like to bury a secret deep within her innermost soul. There, its power was removed. Confined. Ignored. All remained hidden until Emily travelled seven thousand miles across the world and unexpectedly collided with Austin McKenna… The very man who blew both her secrets and heart out of the water while trying to piece her back together again.

My Review:

Living For Today is a story written with the perspective of Emily, who travels from her home in New Zealand to her friend’s in San Francisco to celebrate Thanksgiving, where she meets Austin.

“And then love happens at the most unexpected place with the most unexpected person.”

Both Emily and Austin have had a fair share of a bad past. But they both open up to each other in a way neither could have in front of anyone else.

It is cute young adult romance and an easy going story. It has a lot of mushy moments which I don’t usually enjoy, but I actually enjoyed this time.

A very elegantly written book. It gives away a lot without giving away much.

Happy Reading!!