Unlocked Silences by Mukhpreet Khurana

Unlocked Silences by Mukhpreet Khurana
Unlocked Silences by Mukhpreet Khurana


Unlocked Silences is a collection of abstracts, poems and excerpts written on tissue papers over a couple of years. It is a dive deep into the circles of emotion, empathy, acceptance, healing and insights into a different perspective towards life. In the voice of a budding adolescent, the book cascades into day-to day-shortcomings, carved into poetry and at the same time, embraces you in silence and stillness of thought. The book is an attempt to connect with the reader, to reflect upon them, unbiased and together and embrace a new beginning. With simplified use of grammar and vocabulary, this book seeks nothing but the companionship of all. With this debut book, the author aims to connect to one and to all in the message and purpose of existence, the aid of spirituality and an ode to a beautiful journey called life.

My Review:

This book is like a friend who you would go to whenever you are anxious, upset, nervous, happy or excited. A friend whom you can listen to for hours, a friend who can listen you for hours.

It is a book you can pick after a tiring day, randomly open a page and read it.

This book isn’t supposed to be rushed through but to be enjoyed one page a time.

The poems are simple, relatable and heart touching. It covers topics from our everyday lives. Talking about love, life, hardwork, belief and hope.

Though at some places the lines seemed unrelated and didn’t made much sense to me.

But as a whole I really loved the book. It is one of those to be preserved and shared.

Happy Reading!!