The Lucky Ones by Ashley Chegwyn

The Lucky Ones by Ashley Chegwyn
The Lucky Ones by Ashley Chegwyn


Too much is an overdose.

After a mandatory six month hiatus, Hollywood’s favourite It-Girl, Emery Grey, finds herself back in the spotlight she’s trying to avoid.

The cameras are still flashing, her mother is bribing her and she’s in a PR relationship with the devil. Combine that with the therapy sessions and medication, she’s drowning under the pressure.

Lucky for her, her behind-closed-doors boyfriend, Colton, is happy to dive in and help. However, Emery doesn’t want him to hang on if it means pulling him under too. But how do you let go of the life raft that’s keeping you afloat?

My Review:

Humour, emotion and drama. This story has it all. It deals with the reality of the rich class. How important can their status and prestige be to them. And how they can cross any limits just to ensure that they are presenting their images as they want to.

The ending was so abrupt that I had to turn the pages back and forth to ensure that I didn’t miss anything. It didn’t give any clue for a sequel neither seemed complete.

But I am glad to know that it will have a sequel.

And now i am expecting a lot more twists and turns in the next part.

Happy Reading!!