Changes by Hansel D. Costa

Changes by Hansel D. Costa
Changes by Hansel D. Costa


A young boy decides to move to another country for his future studies. He travels to New Zealand to find a new life, new school, and new friends. He expected his life to change, which did. But sometimes some changes can be haunting. His life has a haunting twist that changes everything. “Where there is happiness, comes a bunch of sadness too,” that’s life. His journey revolves around his new friends and his new lover. In the end, nothing is the same.

“Some changes are good while some, are just haunting.”

My Review:

Clint, Greg, Nicole and Lexie turn out to be great friends in the school. Gradually Clint - Nicole and Greg - Lexie start developing feelings for each other and later enter into relationship.

It is a simple read about their relationships. We see them working out through all the ups and downs. It truly gave me some relationship goals.

The end broke my heart. I was on the verge of crying while reading it in the metro.

A very realistic and heartbreaking story.

Must read if you are looking for a light romantic read.

Happy Reading!!