The Lakes by Anna Desourdy

The Lakes by Anna Desourdy
The Lakes by Anna Desourdy


Since graduating college, Chris Miller has been happily working as a live-in nanny to a wealthy family. She’s been spending her free time at the beach with her best friend Tommy, the epitome of “sexy surfer boy,” and at Waves, a local joint that tourists flock to, mostly female and mostly because Tommy runs the bar. But in an effort to please her father and “do something with her education” she takes a job at prestigious Lake Associates as the assistant to Mr. Lake himself.

Though she’s completely out of her element, far from play-dates and Pampers, she’s determined to handle her new position with total professionalism. That is until she meets her boss’ son Jeremy.

Jeremy is terribly good-looking, irresistibly charming, and refreshingly polite. But there are rumors swirling around his recent and mysterious return to the States and the company. No one knows where he’s been, what he’s been doing, or why he suddenly returned. What’s worse is the rumor that he’s been mixing business and pleasure with a handful of female employees.

Despite all that, Chris is inexplicably drawn to him. But before she can explore her attraction she has to know the truth, the whole truth.

The question is can she handle all the secrets the Lakes are keeping?

My Review:

The story is about a young woman, Chris who works as a full time nanny. But due to her father’s constant nagging she accepts a corporate job offer of secretary in The Lakes Associates.

She is doing pretty good till Jeremy Lake enters the scene. He is attractive, muscular and very good natured. Chris is attracted to him but doesn’t want to be engaged with a colleague.

I was pretty clueless about how the story is going to unfold by the time I had completed 70-80% of the book. The story seemed nice since the beginning. Talking about friendship, love, attraction, hookups, career, etc. But there was nothing exciting in it. The story seemed to be very bland.

By the time I reached to last few chapters, I was pretty sure that there is a twist waiting. And I was right though not on what it might be.

The twist is interesting and not at all predictable. The development of characters is quite good and realistic. They have some flaws but they live up with them.

The writing style is good, though there are some grammatical errors.

Happy Reading!!