The Girl Behind The Glass by Sumit Pramanik

The Girl Behind The Glass by Sumit Pramanik
The Girl Behind The Glass by Sumit Pramanik


Just-married Neelabh and Shakshi arrive at Hotel Infinity, desperate to take cover from unknown pursuers. Next morning, a police inspector appears, enquiring about a car that hurtled off a bridge nearby. The girl who was in the vehicle is missing. As the eyes of the hotel-dwellers turn to each other, tragedy strikes again, this time much closer. Can Neelabh and Shakshi escape alive from Infinity? They soon learn that the devils inside them are no less dark than the devils outside. When secrets are peeled off like skin, people bleed.

My Review:

This psychological thriller is about a newlywed couple Neelabh and Sakshi who are trying to run away from a crime they did and end up in Hotel Infinity. The hotel houses Mr Saini (the Manager), Firoz (the Housekeeper), Mr Chand (a painter), Mrs Anthony (an old widow) and their deep dark secrets.

Neelabh and Sakshi had no idea what mess they are landing themselves in.

Everything is fine until an inspector (Mr Hiten) shows up in the hotel to inquire about a car accident which took place on the highway. The girl who was in the car goes missing.

As the story unfolds everyone’s dirty secrets are exposed one after the other.

It is a dark story involving addiction, murders, dead bodies, blood, rape, sexual assault, torture, abduction, organ theft, necrophilia and love.

The novel is majorly written from the perspective of Neelabh, Sakshi and Firoz.

I got hooked on the novel from the very first page. The story keeps taking unpredictable twists and turns. Each twist made me go ‘shitshitshitno’. The climax was far from what I was expecting. But then the quality of a good thriller is that it is unpredictable.

It is a beautifully written story, with events happening smoothly one after the other. The pace remains perfect, neither too slow so as to bore you nor too fast so as to miss on important parts.

I would definitely recommend this novel to those looking for the psychological thriller genre.

Happy Reading!!