suka-anne “I am so happy with Falguni’s services! Not only is she a wonderful, kind, respectful person but she is professional, prompt and constructive with her feedback. I will definitely be keeping her in mind for all of my future projects!”

- Suka Anne (Author of Brushwork)

nidhi-kukreja “Falguni is a wonderful person. She is a great supporter. She does her work precisely. She helped me spot the errors when I couldn’t see them because of continuously editing the same again and again. A writer can’t find mistakes on his own, that’s why they need editor so they can polish the work by eliminating errors. Falguni helped me. She told me to make corrections which were left unseen. She did her work honestly. And I am proud of it. I recommend her to my friends and even on the platform where she can get recognition for her honest work.  I am glad we are connected ❣️”

- Nidhi Kukreja (Author of The Anonymous)

“Falguni was one of the beta readers for my book and she was very professional at all times. She was great at finding details in the book that needed some more of my attention and always very helpful with questions I had. It was very easy to collaborate with Falguni because she always responded to emails and messengers in a timely maner, she also read the book quickly and had comments along the way. I would recommend using her if you are in need for a beta reader.”

- Karin Dahan (Author of Survive For Me)

jesse-morgan “I recently had Falguni Jain beta read for my book, and found her to be very friendly, respectful and finished my book in a timely manner.Their assessment was fair, refreshing and detailed. The aspects she pointed out and addressed were unique to her own experience and comprehension.I certainly feel I gained some perspective and help towards my final product by employing her services.I would recommend Falguni for anyone needing a Beta Reader and an excellent source of outside perspective and feedback.”

- Jesse Morgan (aka BlackMetalRebellion) (Author of Emerald Spade)

debjeeet-mukherjee “Proofreading seems so effortless with Falguni Jain! Praiseworthy editing skills coupled with timely delivery builds trust for the work she does best!”

- Debjeet Mukherjee (Author of Voyages Volume I)

P.J. Berman “Falguni’s developmental editing work is fantastic. She is very talented, and is always enthusiastic to discuss ideas.”

- P. J. Berman (Author of Silrith Series)