debjeeet-mukherjee *“Proofreading seems so effortless with Falguni Jain! Praiseworthy editing skills coupled with timely delivery builds trust for the work she does best!”

- Debjeet Mukherjee (Author of Voyages Volume I)

P.J. Berman *“Falguni’s developmental editing work is fantastic. She is very talented, and is always enthusiastic to discuss ideas.”

- P. J. Berman (Author of Silrith Series)

jesse-morgan *“I recently had Falguni Jain beta read for my book, and found her to be very friendly, respectful and finished my book in a timely manner.Their assessment was fair, refreshing and detailed. The aspects she pointed out and addressed were unique to her own experience and comprehension.I certainly feel I gained some perspective and help towards my final product by employing her services.I would recommend Falguni for anyone needing a Beta Reader and an excellent source of outside perspective and feedback.”

- Jesse Morgan (aka BlackMetalRebellion) (Author of Emerald Spade)