The Scavenger by J. L. Willow

Title: The Scavenger
Author: J.L. Willow
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 204
Publisher: Nebula Press
Publication Date: November 13, 2017
My Rating: 4⭐

The Scavenger is a story about drug addiction and the sufferings due to it, directly or indirectly.

It is a very simple story yet something which needs to be talked about with increasing cases of addiction and overdose of drugs.

The story has four main characters Catherine, Samuel, Frank and Nathan. They are all somehow involved in drug dealings happening around the town. How is it affecting their lives as well as others? The story doesn’t deal with the fact about who is right and who is wrong. Like in real lives the characters cannot be categorised into black and white. They live in the grey in between.

The author is trying to convey the situations faced by people involved in drugs through the story. There is everything in this story addiction, death, love, mistakes and redemption. The story makes us realise that everyone does not get a second chance in their life, so make the best use of the chance you have.

It is a really good novel written finely and in a precise manner. It is a fast-paced story and there is no dragging of the plot. The beauty of the book increased when I realised that the author is a seventeen-year-old girl. The maturity with which Julia Willow has dealt with the theme of the story is commendable. There is a need for this level of awareness regarding drugs in the youth. A need to know the difference between right and wrong. A need to know the importance of sharing your problems with your loved ones.

At some places, I felt like there could have been a more detailed account of the happenings. Some events occur but can’t leave its impact due to the happening of other events. Though it didn’t hold much importance in the expression of the main story, it could have given an emotional connectivity and understanding between the character and the reader. The emotional rollercoaster of the story takes slight ups and downs where really steep curves could have occurred.

Happy Reading!!

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