The Lucky Ones by Ashley Chigwyn

Title: The Lucky Ones
Author: Ashley Chigwyn
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 141
Publication Date: September 6, 2018
My Rating: 4⭐

The Lucky Ones is a story about a star child Emery who is sick of being treated as a mannequin by her mother, and abused by her boyfriend. This is a journey of a girl whose mother is obsessed by the idea of having a perfect family, where everyone is just perfect with no flaws. In this obsession she ignores the sufferings of her daughter.

Colton is the only person who tries to understand Emery. Sticks to her when no one else does. Fights against the world just to protect her. He devotes his life to Emery without expecting anything in return.

Humour, emotion and drama. This story has it all. It deals with the reality of the rich class. How important can their status and prestige be to them. And how they can cross any limits just to ensure that they are presenting their images as they want to.

The ending was so abrupt that I had to turn the pages back and forth to ensure that I didn’t miss anything. It didn’t give any clue for a sequel neither seemed complete.
But I am glad to know that it will have a sequel.
And now I am expecting a lot more twists and turns in the next part.

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