The Last Skype by Shubham Arora

Title: The Last Skype
Author: Shubham Arora
Genre: Thriller
Pages: 9
Publication Date: October 30, 2018
My Rating: 3.5⭐

The Last Skype is a very short story you can read while traveling, waiting for someone, waiting for your order at a restaurant, taking a dump, when the video is buffering, while waiting for the next subway….. I can go on and on. But you got the gist.

The Last Skype is a story of a couple who has been married for 26 years and are separated for work commitments over miles. They are in contact through Skype.
The story is presented from just one point of view that is of the woman. (Names of the couple is not known in the story)

This story is so short that if I try to give a description, I might end up telling you the entire story. I see no good point in spoiling a book.
So I’ll move on to how I liked the book.
The plot is interesting. I kept thinking that I have got the end but failed miserably. The end is totally unpredictable.

Being written from point of view of one side of the computer screen, the happenings away from the lens of camera of the other side is totally unknown. The author give the readers a lot to weave around the words of the book.

The story is just like a bad dream or a real life scary incident which may have practical reasons but is registered in mind forever as scary and spooky.

Needless to say you should give it a try because it SHORT and good obviously.

Happy Reading!!

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