The Diary on the Fifth Floor by Raisha Lalwani

Title: The Diary on the Fifth Floor
Author: Raisha Lalwani
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 184
Publisher: Rupa Publications India
Publication Date: October 21, 2018
My Rating: 4⭐

The Diary on the Fifth Floor is a story about a young lady Savannah Khanna who is visiting a psychiatrist. Savannah is initially reluctant to see one but gradually open ups to the doctor and shows her the diary in which she writes shorts stories.

These entries emphasises on the negative side of the society. Breakups, thefts, murders and abortions are the major topics around which the entries revolve.
The diary entries show us a very real face of the society. The face which is usually seen in the newspaper headlines, heard on television as breaking news.

The observations made by Savannah or we can say the author (Raisha Lalwani) are critical and brutally honest.

Even after several attempts made by the psychiatrist to introduce Savannah to the positive side of world, it is difficult for Savannah to accept the same, owing to her past memories since her childhood. And we can’t blame her for her perspective of world.

Raisha Lalwani has adopted a really simple yet a mesmerizing style of writing. The stories end on unpredictable notes and makes you crave for more.

I loved the way the stories were written. As if questioning the society. Showing a mirror to the society and warning them to stop before the scenario worsens.

I would like to give a disclaimer if you are thinking about reading this book. Don’t hope to find positivity in the stories. Doing so will just make you feel worse about the world and the society you live in. Think of the book as a critique, which is finding faults in you, the society and the world and you as an individual need to work on improving yourself and hence the world. “Change begins with you.” 

Happy Reading!!

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