The Choice Man by O. H. Reads

Title: The Choice Man
Author: O. H. Reads
Genre: Fantasy
Pages: 34

My Rating: 5

Everyone makes a choice every moment without realising. Like deciding what to wear, whether to snooze the alarm or to get up, calling sick or going to work etc. Each choice however small it is makes us a person we are today.
Small choices can make a major difference in our lives which we may not realise at that moment but they affect us sooner or later.

A lot of time we think about some decisions we made in past that we now regret.

The Choice Man is a book about a man who introduces himself as Leonard. He offers a few people a choice, to make some amendments in their past that will change their lives forever.

The story unfolds to tell us about the reason why this man is offering people choices and how is it going to affect them.

I loved the theme of the book. The story provides an insight into how the choice of a person produces a ripple effect and affects others.

Each character plays a major role.
The writing style is brilliant.
The length of the book is perfect. The plot doesn’t seem to be dragging unnecessarily.

Would definitely recommend this to everyone who is looking for a book to be read in a small break or when they are too tired to dedicate themselves to a new engaging story.

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