Stranded by SJ Hermann

Title: Stranded
Author: SJ Hermann
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 60
Publication Date: November 20, 2018
My Rating: 4⭐

“Pete and Jennifer Langley have seen their marriage disintegrate. With their two children, Emily and Kevin, an uneventful trip turns into a nightmare when an unexpected snowstorm leaves them stranded with little hope of being rescued. Faced with the fear of losing their children, and each other to the frigid climate, Jennifer and Pete come to realize that their love laid hidden under hate. Emily keeps the hopes up for her brother Kevin in the form of gold rings and the promise that Santa will find them. Can a miracle save them from a frozen tomb?”

Stranded is a beautiful short story. It touched my heart with its simplicity.

The characters are very real and admirable.

The story preaches us that there are issues in every family but that doesn’t mean that there is no love between them. LOVE NEVER DIES.

Happy Reading!!

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