Pretty on the Outside by Ninette Vosloo

Title: Pretty on the Outside
Author: Ninette Vosloo
Genre: Fiction
Pages: 84
Publisher: Pegasus Elliot Mackenzie Publishers
Publication Date: February 22, 2018

My Rating : 3⭐

Pretty on the Outside is a really interesting story of two girls Rocket and Sachi, who meet at a carnival and how is their friendship going to affect both of them.
I liked the plot of the story. And the climax was quite unexpected.

But it seems that the story was written in a hurry. The story is too short to focus on the important parts. The climax part was abruptly finished. Events kept happening one after the other making it a bit chaotic.

I was unable to feel the emotions of the characters or relate to them.

There were some grammatical errors as well. But that doesn’t affect the reading experience much.

I believe the story is not supposed to be a short one and could have been easily expanded into a novel. Explaining the events with more details would have made the story much better.

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